By Will Robinson
Updated November 04, 2016 at 09:55 PM EDT
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Veep‘s Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) believes she lost the presidential election in season 5 because of millennial apathy, and she doesn’t want to see it happen in real life next Tuesday.

The titular politician of HBO’s beloved comedy stars in a recent Rock The Vote PSA targeting the youth vote, which led to her fall from the presidency. Gary, her bagman, corrects her to say the senior constituency and inclement weather were other problems.

“So the two reasons I lost: weather, which we can’t control, and millennial apathy, which you can,” Selina says. “When you don’t vote, you’re giving your power to someone else, someone probably less informed and more motivated.”

Gary thinks Selina might run again — but when she indicates another White House run isn’t in her plans, he asks, “Why do we care?” Selina provides a circular answer: “Because of everything I just said.”

While Selina played the bipartisan, Louis-Dreyfus came out this week as firmly pro-climate, pro-Hillary Clinton, and anti-Donald Trump.

“I play a bombastic, woman-hating, narcissistic politician on my show,” she said in a recent video, “and it’s really super-fun to watch because, let’s face it, I’m extremely talented. But it’s not a reality that any of us really wants.”

“Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall, his pervy love of Putin, and fake colleges he can bankrupt for profit,” the multi-Emmy winner added. “One thing he doesn’t talk much about is climate change, because he doesn’t believe in it — and because it doesn’t have a grabbable p‑‑‑y.”

See the new spot below.

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