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He may have made some enemies in the house, but it was ultimately America that lead to the downfall of this super fan.

Scott Dennis, a 23-year-old debt collector from Maine, was the fifth evicted houseguest on Big Brother: OTT, after being nominated by America to sit against two of his allies, Shelby Stockton and Morgan Willett.

With Danielle Lickey as HOH and Shelby able to nix three houseguests’ vote (thanks to America) it was left to Alex and Whitney, who opted to save their fellow Ball-Smashers over ally Scott.

Here, he tells EW what he would have done differently, why he valued Alex Willett’s game over his own, and whether or not he regrets his harsh strategy toward Danielle.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: As a super fan, was the Big Brother house everything you hoped it would be?

SCOTT DENNIS: Absolutely. Unfortunately, I didn’t play very well, but I had a really amazing time. I made a lot of great friends in the house, but obviously, when half the house wants you out of the game since like, day nine, you’re facing a bumpy path ahead of you. But I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. There was never a single moment where I was home sick, or I thought, “I wish I could quit.”

Why do you think America nominated you this week? You were in an alliance with the girls, and it seemed like America was also on the girls’ side, since they voted out Neeley last week and gave Alex and Whitney care packages. If that’s who America is rooting for, why put you up?

I think America wants to keep the numbers even on both sides for as long as they can. I think they want to take the best players from both sides and watch them compete at the very end. I’m not too shocked they nominated me because I am the only houseguest up to this point to have been a Have-Not twice. That, and the moment Julie said that this game ends in a final three instead of a final two was when I felt like I really lost the game. I felt like there were very, very few outcomes in which I could possibly win the game in a final three situation, whereas I still had a lot of hope for myself for final two. So at that moment, I had basically decided I was going to put all my eggs in Alex’s basket as it were, and just try to push her as far as possible so that she could win the game. And maybe America didn’t respect that, that I had given up on my own game and I wanted to propel Alex as far as possible, but I’m not even mad, America. I’m super grateful that you guys kept me over Neeley last week. I even told America, you guys can nominate me and send me home next week, just please let me stay in the house over Neeley one more week so that these girls have a better fighting chance at actually taking this thing home.

Do you regret giving up? If you could do it differently, would you have fought harder for yourself?

The thing is, is that I really messed up at the beginning of this game. I could talk to you for a half hour about how voting out Cornbread was the biggest mistake of my game. And then the second mistake was when I was half honest in telling Kryssie and Shane that I was going to vote however Alex asked me to that week. I told them that I had to make a deal with Alex to keep myself safe, and the goal of that was to make Kryssie and Shane think that me and Alex weren’t as close as we actually were. But unfortunately, the moment I told them that, literally half the house wanted nothing to do with me in the game anymore. I felt like America saw me as a boring, slug character, and maybe they were thinking like, “What’s this kid even doing here?” I did think that America didn’t want me to win. So I decided to put all my eggs in Alex’s basket to try to support her and make it so that she could win the game.

Well I definitely don’t think you were boring! I actually think you were one of the more fun ones to watch. I did find your Danielle strategy confusing, though. Do you regret that at all, considering it may have lead to your downfall?

No, that’s one of the few things I don’t regret. Danielle’s the only person who has survived America’s nomination. I know I didn’t like Danielle, so I felt like if America didn’t like Danielle, and if I could go Evel Dick all over her, then America would keep me over Neeley because they knew I would go after Danielle first.

What did you think of Whitney sort of teaming up with Danielle and Justin this week? Isn’t she supposed to be in the Ball Smashers alliance?

We saw you try to maybe make something with Jason happen in the future. If you’d stayed this week, would that have been something you were going to pursue? What were your next moves going to be?

When Jason and Justin both voted me out instead of Neeley, I was really shocked. They both told me that they didn’t trust Neeley and if they’re both willing to vote me out instead of her, then they must really not trust me. So if I had won HOH instead of Danielle, I would’ve nominated Jason and Justin because they voted me out. They were next on my hit list.

What did you think of the sister twist?

I was really shocked by that; I didn’t see it coming at all. But once I had 15 minutes to think about it, it all started coming together. It makes sense that Alex would align herself with Shelby, and Morgan would align herself with Whitney. That gives them total control over the girl’s alliance. It makes perfect sense once I had time to digest it. I hope they take it all the way to the end with Shelby, I really do. I would love nothing more than to see a final three of Alex, Shelby, Morgan.

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