By Christian Holub
November 04, 2016 at 11:22 AM EDT

Benedict Cumberbatch sports an American accent in Doctor Strange, the kind that comes as a surprise to fans more familiar with his British work like Sherlock. That’s nothing, though, compared to the accent Cumberbatch used during a sketch with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night. Playing Mad Lib Theater, Fallon asked Cumberbatch a quick series of questions: name a store, body part, and so on. Fallon then folded the answers into a scene in which he played a criminal suspect being interrogated by Cumberbatch’s detective.

Fallon played Mrs. Tate (named after Cumberbatch’s favorite teacher), accused of stealing 4,229 eggs from Macy’s. That premise is comprised of Cumberbatch’s answers to Fallon’s brainstorming questions, as are the scene’s goofily climactic lines.

“One of the best parts about being a detective is I get to lock up criminals like you, and go home to my children and my pet badger, and say ‘This town needs an enema,'” Cumberbatch said.

“Fine I did it, I committed the robbery,” Fallon admitted. “But I only did it because I needed the money to buy myself little toe implants.”

Having solved the case, Cumberbatch’s detective burst into singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” a song he’s been using a lot on his real-life baby. Fallon joined in before ending the scene. 

Watch the clip below.

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