The actor is studying 'every single thing' from past iterations of the character
Credit: David Giesbrecht

The Tick (2017 series)

Being part of rebooting a beloved franchise is a lot pressure, so much so that The Tick star Griffin Newman has been doing plenty of research to satisfy the faithful fans.

In Amazon’s upcoming reboot of Ben Edlund’s Tick character, which has been seen in comic, animated, and live-action form, Newman plays Arthur, the sidekick to the strange, blue superhero. The actor appeared on the latest episode of EW: The Show, where he was asked how much he has studied the previous iterations.

“Everything, every single thing,” he admitted. “Because you have to know, especially with something that has such a cult fanbase like this, it’s not something that’s ever been a massive four quadrant thing, but the people who love The Tick, whether it was the comic or the cartoon or the [Patrick] Warburton show or all of them, it means a lot to them.”

While the series may be called The Tick, Edlund previously told EW that one of the biggest goals with the new series was to put a greater emphasis on Arthur’s journey.

“He’s the main character. He’s the one who has the arc. He’s the one who gives us the shoes you wear to pass through this universe,” says Edlund. “In the previous live-action, there really wasn’t the time taken to build what is usually a compelling main character story. So I mean The Tick is no less an important character than Arthur — he’s titular — but it was really important to take this human character seriously and give us a chance to really bond with him and be with him emotionally and then have him encounter the strangest entity in his universe.”

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The Tick (2017 series)
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