The actress says her vote will go to the Green Party's Jill Stein

Actress Susan Sarandon accused both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of being “untrustable” in an interview with CNN Thursday, and confirmed she will be voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“I wanted to vote for somebody who, in some way, is concerned about the things that concern me,” she told CNN’s Carol Costello. “After my experience, it’s very clear to me that the DNC is gone, and we need a progressive party.”

While Sarandon said she still admires Bernie Sanders, whom she previously supported, she called the DNC “completely corrupt,” and said that the entire campaign season has seen America torn between the “the lesser of two evils for too long.”

Sarandon’s comments come in the wake of the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline project, an issue that has seen many celebrity protesters, and one she says both candidates, as well as President Obama, have failed to address.

“If you look at who supports their campaign, and who’s contributed to Hillary’s campaign, it’s every single one of these corporations and banks,” she said. “So that’s one of the problems — you’re not going to hear anything from her. I don’t think [Trump] is concerned either.”

Through her frustration, Sarandon was able to find a silver lining, if ever so slight. “The good news, if you want some good news, is that everybody’s so frustrated that at least we’re awake,” she said.