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Each week, Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We need to begin at the end. That was a suuuuuuuuuper uncomfortable moment at Tribal Council when Michaela spun around and gave Jay the stare down for turning against her. Give us your on-the-scene perspective. How thick was that tension? And I’m not sure I’m ever seen you pause like that before revealing the final vote. Were you as floored and wondering what the hell to do in that situation?

JEFF PROBST: That’s why we put Michaela on the show!! She is absolute dynamite. I was right there with her, in the moment. I didn’t know what she might do because… she’s Michaela! So I just waited and followed her move. And here’s the thing about someone who is strong-willed and has strong opinions and can kick your ass in most challenges: Some people will love you, some people will root against you. I’m in the camp of the former. I love Michaela. She proved herself to be a very smart, dominant player. As she matures, her game will only get better.

David shows Zeke his hidden immunity idol, a dangerous move if Zeke does choose to go back to the Millennials at the merge with that knowledge. What’s your general philosophy in terms of how close you should play idols and information to the vest? It can build bonds, but information is also power, and that power can be used against you.

It’s just so tricky to ever know what to do in a case like that. In fact, it’s impossible to know. We could go back through history and find times when sharing worked and when it worked against someone. Backseat driving is for losers. My philosophy is pretty simple and incredibly unhelpful — follow your gut. If you truly trust someone and you think sharing some info will help you bond with them and help you get to the end, then you tell them. But, if you have the slightest question, then you don’t share a thing. So I would always err on not sharing unless I was certain. I love David and I love Zeke. They’re playing very different games but what they share in common is a love of Survivor and a unique philosophical approach to the game.

“He might not always sound the brightest, but you like him because he’ll give you the answer that is always the answer.” That was Jessica talking about Taylor. It may be moot now because of the impending merge, but when you have two people vying for your loyalty, and one (Adam) has shown it to you already and kept you in the game with it, and the other (Taylor) just tried to get rid of you but could be easier to control, what do you do?

Such a fun question. My issue with trusting Taylor would have nothing to do with trusting him to be loyal to me. It would surround what kinds of tactical mistakes he might make involving others that might take me down. My issue with Adam would have very little to do with him making tactical mistakes involving others, but more about whether or not he’d outfox me. So… if I had to choose one to align with, I’d secretly align with Taylor but do my best to convince Adam I was aligned with him. Then I’d use Taylor to get rid of Adam as soon as possible.

Okay, merge time next week! Tease us up, sir.

The merge never fails to flip the game because now you’re in the individual portion and every single player can see Day 39. Existing alliances now become much more difficult to trust because you are no longer aligned, you are adversaries. This is why big moves are often made and old alliances are often burned. And ultimately this is why Survivor is so difficult to play and so fun to watch!

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