Credit: NBC

Seth Meyers slammed Donald Trump on Wednesday’s Late Show, comparing the GOP nominee to “a monster hiding in their closet” and Voldemort from Harry Potter.

Meyers used his Closer Look segment to take stock in the presidential election as it closes in on Election Day next week, mocking Trump for his flip-flop on poll numbers. “The last week of polls has been quite the emotional rollercoaster,” Meyers said. “You might remember that when he was far behind Hillary, he claimed polls were rigged. … So now that he’s gained in the polls, how does he feel?”

“Wow, now leading in [ABC/Washington Post] Poll 46 to 45. Gone up 12 points in two weeks, mostly before the Crooked Hillary blow-up!” Trump wrote on Twitter this week.

“Did I say the polls were rigged? I meant they were rigidly accurate,” Meyers joked in a mock Trump voice.

In addition to Trump, the late-night host also took issue with Republicans who had went from decrying Trump for his rhetoric to casting their ballot for the candidate. Meyers cited Paul Ryan, specifically, who told Fox News’ Fox and Friends hosts that he voted for Trump, without ever mentioning Trump’s name.

“You shouldn’t endorse someone for president if you have to talk about them the same way wizards talk about Voldemort,” Meyers said. “When Paul Ryan went to the voting booth, he probably wrote in Trump’s name like this.” The host then showed a mock ballot with “you know who” written on a line under Hillary Clinton.

But Meyers reserved his lengthiest rant for those voters who are still claiming this election boils down to a lesser of two evils between Trump and Clinton.

“I mean, do you pick someone who’s under federal investigation for using a private email server,” Meyers said. “Or do you pick someone who called Mexicans ‘rapists,’ claimed the president was born in Kenya, proposed banning an entire religion from entering the U.S., mocked a disabled reporter, said John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured, attacked the parents of a fallen soldier, bragged about committing sexual assault, was accused by 12 women of committing sexual assault, said some of those women weren’t attractive enough for him to sexually assault, said more countries should get nukes, said he would force the military to commit war crimes, said a judge was ‘biased’ because his parents were Mexicans, said women should be ‘punished’ for having abortions, incited violence at his rallies, called global warming ‘a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese,’ called for his opponent to be jailed, declared bankruptcy six times, bragged about not paying income taxes, stiffed his contractors and employees, lost a billion dollars in one year, scammed customers at his fake university, bought a 6-foot-tall painting of himself with money from his fake foundation, has a trial for fraud coming up in November, insulted an opponent’s looks, insulted an opponent’s wife’s looks, and bragged about grabbing women by the p—y.'” How do you choose? It’s so even.”

Watch the full segment below.