Toby might be in his most out-of-water situation yet on the upcoming episode of Scorpion.

The gambling member of the titular squad has to infiltrate a CNN-like political talk show on election night to find whoever is responsible for hacking the election system. In an EW exclusive clip, blending in is easier said than done for the psychiatrist.

Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) sabotages a discussion on talk show The Conversation Desk and makes it a point to tear down the media he’s posing to be a part of. “Boring! See, this is the problem. Media just shovels soundbite after soundbite at us, and no one wants to talk about the real game that’s being played!” he proclaims.

When asked by the host to elaborate, he goes deeper into his chaotic worldview. “The two-party system. I haven’t seen a system this burnt out since my digestive system on taco night,” he says, assuredly making the political strategist and columnist next to him uncomfortable. “I am calling for a return to European parliamentary procedure: 40 parties, no consensus, just warring factions forced to work together to create ruling sects!”

See the clip above. Scorpion‘s election episode airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS, one night before the real election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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