Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Every four years, around this time, you start to hear them: the dissatisfied voters who threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses. With the presidential election looming, such discussions have reached a fever pitch, but what about our political experts? Surely they’re not thinking of fleeing north, too?

EW sat down with Rachel Maddow a few weeks ago to pick her brain about the election and her broadcasting career, from hosting The Rachel Maddow Show (weekdays at 9 p.m. on MSNBC) to co-anchoring MSNBC’s primetime political coverage with Brian Williams. We asked her the same question that’s on a lot of liberals’ minds: If Donald Trump wins the presidency, will she pack up and move to Canada? Not a chance.

“First of all, my mother would kill me,” Maddow says, laughing. “My mother escaped Newfoundland in order to come here. Seriously, there’s nothing to make you appreciate the United States more than having an immigrant parent.”

Canadian connections aside, Maddow says she’s definitely staying, even if a Trump presidency could have radical effects on her chosen profession.

“Trump says that once he’s president, ‘Media’s not going to get away with the stuff they get away with now. We’re going to change those libel laws!’” Maddow says. “He blacklisted the freaking Washington Post from covering him. So who knows what it’s going to be like with Trump as president? Who knows how he’ll use his power to try and destroy the press?”

Still, Maddow says she’s not going anywhere.

“If he does what he’s promising to do, I don’t know if any of our jobs will exist any more,” Maddow says. “But as long as someone will have me, I’ll do this job.”