At the polls, that is

Nikki Reed has some Donald Trump-related business to attend to next week, and she’s inviting fellow “nasty women” everywhere to join her.

In a blistering new video produced by the pro-Hillary Clinton social media campaign Humanity for Hillary, the Twilight and Sleepy Hollow actress blasts Trump’s behavior toward women as sexist and urges voters to cast their ballots for Clinton on Nov. 8.

“This has been a bruising election,” Reed says. “On the one hand, we have a lifelong public servant. Powerful, experienced, highly qualified to be the first female president of the United States. On the other hand, a candidate who reminds us of the worst men in our lives.”

Referencing Trump’s history of rude comments toward and graphic comments about women, Reed says, “We are so very close to putting that behind us. Because nasty women vote.”

She caps the video by reappropriating a certain C-word often used to disparage women. “We have one thing to say to you: See you next Tuesday.”

Watch Reed in the video below (which contains profane language).