America’s favorite fictional president is here to remind you that you don’t only have one vote this year.

Martin Sheen, who played beloved President Josiah Bartlet on The West Wing, stars in Joss Whedon’s latest PSA directed at millennials about the power of their votes in this year’s election. As Sheen explains in the video, you aren’t just voting for president this year; you are also voting for your senators, congresswomen and men, mayors, school officials, and various ballot initiatives on important issues.

“There could be more than 20 choices on your ballot that will affect your life from the top-down and the bottom-up,” says Sheen, who recently won EW’s Best Pop Culture Presidents bracket. “We gotta stop thinking about one vote. Think about how we’re going to guide this country, ’cause that, we’ve only got one of.”

Watch the video above.

Whedon’s previous election PSAs have included Chris Pine, the cast of the Avengers, and Bill Hader.