Let's hear it for 'the nation's baddest grandmother'

By Ruth Kinane
November 03, 2016 at 03:31 PM EDT

Girls creator and star Lena Dunham has spent months showing her support for Hillary Clinton, having spoken at the Democratic National Convention, rallying support on her Instagram page, and stumping for Clinton in North Carolina. But on Thursday, Dunham took her campaigning to a new level with the release of a Funny or Die rap music video called “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem.”

The video, in which Dunham stars alongside Cynthia Erivo and Charlamagne the God, features Dunham as “MC Pantsuit” and sporting a red pantsuit — not unlike the one Clinton wore at the first presidential debate — and rapping about her appreciation for the Democratic candidate or the “the nation’s baddest grandmother,” as she coins her.

After sharing with some friends that she’s “been so shaken by this election,” as “it has unveiled the darkest aspects of American culture,” the actress decides the best medium through which to channel all that “energy and rage” is rap music.

Written by Dunham, the lyrics capture her sentiment perfectly: “I get upset when people say that Hillary needs to smile,” she sing/raps. “She’s a strong ass f—ing person / Couldn’t even walk a mile in the heels of this woman / Had to fight her life defending everything she does to the left and to the right.”

She goes on to compliment Clinton’s accomplishments: “She’s been a lawyer, first lady, senator plus a mom,” adding, “My girl’s a writer, progressive free fighter.” Surprisingly, the only insult she has for Donald Trump is that he’s a “climate change denier.”

At the end of the video, the never-afraid-to-show-some-skin star strips off her pantsuit to reveal a more “sensual pantsuit” — it’s just underwear. The reason? “You’ve got to show your whole body / Everything that you’ve got for the candidate you love.” Take note, Democrats.

Clothing aside, in case Dunham’s message isn’t clear, she breaks it down in three words: “I’m with her.”

Watch the music video below and don’t forget to vote Nov. 8.