Dana Carvey made his bones on Saturday Night Live with spot-on impressions and weird characters. His repertoire hasn’t shrunk.

The comedian made his way to The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday and was asked by the titular host if he counted the amount of people’s he’s imitated. “I do micro-impressions now, just to amuse myself,” the 61-year-old Carvey replied. “They’re just real quick.”

How quick? The opener was merely Sean Connery replying to a foreign vacation offer with “Yes” in the Scot’s trademark brogue. Christopher Walken failing to open a jar of peanut butter led to an exasperated “No!”

Carvey did go longer on a few, such as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the wake of a hypothetical World War III: “We had such a fabulous nuclear war. Terrific, terrific. Our bunkers are Tremendous. Chinese bunkers? Total disasters.”

See Carvey’s montage that includes 14 other celebrity takes above.