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The Diary of a Young Girl

It’s been a big couple of weeks for the history of literature. Not only has it been proven that Christopher “Kit” Marlowe may have co-authored some of Shakespeare’s plays, but a rare “new” poem by Anne Frank has also been discovered.

According to the Associated Foreign Press, the 12-line poem—which she wrote before she went into hiding—was discovered in a friendship book belonging to “Cricri” van Maarsen, the older sister of Anne’s best friend, and was signed by Frank, dating back to Mar. 28, 1942.

This marks only fourth time that Frank’s handwriting has gone up for sale. Auctioneers are expecting the book to be sold for at least 50,000 euros.

Frank is best known for writing The Diary of a Young Girl, which documented the Jewish teenager’s life, thoughts, and feelings as she and her family hid from Nazis in an attic in Amsterdam. The book has since gone on to become a worldwide bestseller, while the house in which she hid, has become a museum.

The Diary of a Young Girl
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