By Will Robinson
Updated November 02, 2016 at 09:44 PM EDT

T.J. Miller can spin a yarn as well as any comedian. It’s also a quality he believes grated his Office Christmas Party costars.

Miller, Olivia Munn, Courtney B. Vance, and directors Will Gordon and Josh Speck chatted with Entertainment Weekly Radio hosts Kyle Anderson and Julia Cunningham at EW PopFest last weekend. To start things off, Miller introduced everyone with various fake names. He assumed the identity of Jason Segal. It was zany.

Cunningham asked if Miller’s behavior was similar to how he acted on set. Vance, the recent Emmy winner, had to speak his mind. “This is it everyday!” he exclaims. “Every single day!”

When Cunningham followed up, Munn confirms: “You’re watching it!”

“It’s terrible. Horrible,” Miller adds about the on-set atmosphere. “It’s everyone around me not saying out loud that I am insufferable. That’s the experience on the set.”

As for following rules and keeping order on set, Miller was a rebel, Munn and Vance both assert.

“T.J. didn’t follow any rules,” Munn says. “He doesn’t follow call times, he doesn’t follow bedtimes, he didn’t follow the rules in the hotel.”

See the clip above. Office Christmas Party opens Dec. 9. For more EW PopFest interviews, click here and listen to EW Radio on SiriusXM (ch. 105) all week long.

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