These days, Marvel superheroes exist in multiple mediums at once — in the pages of comic books, on Saturday morning TV screens, in multiplexes worldwide. Marvel is set to blur those lines even further with a new line of video comics, which animate typical graphic pages with voice-acting, video editing, and digital effects. The first two stories are set to launch on Disney XD’s YouTube channel and app this weekend.

“The Visitor” features Black Panther (Omari Newton) getting a visit from Everett K. Ross (Brian Drummond) to discuss security issues around an upcoming international conference, only to get embroiled in a fight with the supervillain Ghost (Marc Oliver). Written by Kevin Burke and Chris Wyatt, “The Visitor” also features storyboards by Balak and Geoffo and art by Javior Garron.

“Training Day” features Spider-Man (Cole Howard) getting some on-the-job training from Iron Man (Drummond) just in time to stop an attack from newly-upgraded villain Batroc the Leper (Oliver). The three-part story was written by Robbie Thompson, with storyboards by Balak and art by Garron.

Both video comics were executive-produced by Dan Buckley, Cort Lane, John Cerilli, Alan Fine, and Marvel chief creative officer Joe Quesada. Nick Lowe was also a producer on the projects.

Check out an exclusive preview of “Training Day” above. The two Marvel Video Comics will hit Disney XD’s YouTube channel and app this Friday, and roll out through the weekend.