By Christian Holub
November 01, 2016 at 12:55 PM EDT

On Halloween, there’s no bad time to play “Monster Mash” — or that’s how Reggie Watts sees it, at least.

On Monday night’s Late Late Show, host James Corden announced he had scored an exclusive interview with presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Before he could get into hard-hitting questions about the FBI and email servers, though, his bandleader announced a big Halloween surprise. At Watts’ signal, a whole menagerie of costumed monsters burst on stage, dancing to “Monster Mash” and drowning out any hope of Corden asking serious questions. By the time the performance was done, Corden’s interview time with the presidential candidates had also elapsed without a single question.

Corden berated Watts for ruining “what would’ve been the greatest political moment in the history of this show.” He soon got word that Clinton and Trump would be patching back into the satellite feed, but even this chance at redemption was ruined when Watts called out “one more thing: Trick or Treat!” and unleashed a horde of costumed kids upon the beleaguered host.

Watch the clip below. 

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