The series from James Cameron takes celebrities on the road to investigate climate change

This isn’t the sunny Miami getaway Jack Black was expecting.

In this exclusive clip from National Geographic’s Years of Living Dangerously, Black learns how the effects of global warming will envelop the Florida coastline by as early as 2030.

“I was in a movie called Waterworld and it got really bad reviews,” Black says. “But now we can see that we were right.”

Years of Living Dangerously, which isexecutive produced by James Cameron, the late Jerry Weintraub, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, relies on Hollywood celebrities to help demonstrate the consequences of climate change across the globe. Besides Black, upcoming episodes will feature Ty Burrell, Don Cheadle, America Ferrara, and David Letterman giving first-person accounts from locations where global warming is taking a toll.

Black’s episode, which also features Ian Somerhalder, will air Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. ET on Nat Geo.