By Ariana Bacle
Updated November 01, 2016 at 03:45 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Fuller House has been rolling out previews of its upcoming second season in recent weeks, and its biggest teaser yet came out Tuesday when Netflix premiered the official trailer for its next set of episodes. Here’s what we learned from the clip, which features the whole gang back together again (well, except for Michelle — sorry, John Stamos!), a special new face, and plenty of dancing. Check it out above, and see season 2 when it debuts on the streaming service Dec. 9.

Kimmy’s brother shows up…

…and he’s pretty cute. Like, cute enough for Stephanie to make out with him before Kimmy comes out and reveals that the guy Tanner just kissed is a Gibbler. Oops.

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

D.J.’s two love interests get love interests of their own

Last season ended with D.J. trying to figure out whether Matt, the cute co-worker, or Steve, the sweet throwback, was the right guy for her — but she took too long: One moment D.J. is telling her kid she’s made her decision, and the next, Matt and Steve are telling her that they both have girlfriends now. Kimmy says it best when she reacts with, “That poor thing is a Lifetime movie waiting to happen.” Possible Fuller House spinoff, perhaps?

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Danny’s having a midlife crisis

Turning 60 has transformed Danny into… well, just see for yourself:

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

​New Kids on the Block bring the right stuff

As previously announced, the New Kids on the Block make an appearance this season, though Kimmy apparently missed the news. She and Steph are in the front seat of a limo when they turn around to find Joey, Jordan, Jonathan, and Danny hanging out. Cue Kimmy’s (for once, understandable) screams.

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

‘Tis the season for holidays

Halloween! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Year’s Eve! The Tanners and friends celebrate ’em all this season.

Credit: Michael Yarish/Netflix

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