John Oliver is arrested, Joe Biden went to Mars, and host Trevor Noah was forced underground

By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 01, 2016 at 12:22 PM EDT
Comedy Central

The Daily Show took a page out of Back to the Future Part II on Monday night, imagining what America could look like in 2020 were Donald Trump elected president next week.

“It has been, like, really bad. Picture the worst thing you can think of. It’s not that bad but its close,” read the segment’s opening text over images of America in complete ruins.

From there, host Trevor Noah arrived at his dilapidated studio to fire up a pirate broadcast after being forced off the air by President Trump. Noah explained how renewed interest in Hillary Clinton’s emails following the FBI investigation into Anthony Weiner for allegedly sexting with an underage girl tipped the election in Trump’s favor in 2016. “One dick got another dick elected,” Noah said, adding Trump had turned the Washington Monument into a phallic tribute to the disgraced congressman.

As Noah explained, in this dystopian version of America, the media had been rounded up — including Last Week Tonight host and former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver, who is shown being arrested on the air.

Members of the press weren’t the only people affected. Clinton was put in “super Guantanamo” after the election, where Trump’s running mate Mike Pence also wound up. (It’s unclear why Pence is in jail in this version of the future.) And those who weren’t detained, just plain left: Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Joe Biden, traveled to Mars; Bill Clinton went to Venus (“Because that’s where women come from,” Noah joked).

And what is America like under President Trump? “He dropped a bomb on Iceland because he insisted ISIS comes from Iceland,” Noah said. “He told Africa to go back to Africa. … He’s banned from Antarctica after sexually assaulting a penguin. I didn’t even know you could grab a penguins p—y.”

The segment ended with a plea for voters in 2020 to make their voices heard. “We’ve seen what four years of Donald Trump can do to a country, people,” Noah said, adding that every vote matters.

Watch the segment below.