Classic movie lovers, rejoice! Thanks to FilmStruck, you can now stream your favorite classic and indie films at the touch of a button.

In October, Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection announced that a new streaming service with a large selection of classic and foreign films was set to launch later that month on Oct. 19. But, following a brief delay, the subscription service went live on Tuesday instead.

FilmStruck allows cinephiles to instantly stream independent cult classics and other films that are generally more difficult to find on television and other streaming services. The service is available for $6.99 a month for the basic plan featuring hundreds of movies from FilmStruck or $10.99 a month to include Criterion Collection films. And then there’s the option of paying $99 for the year for both. FilmStruck is available via, Amazon Fire, iOS and Android devices, and Apple TV.

FilmStruck officially went live on Nov. 1, but Criterion Collection films will be added on Nov. 11.