Tove Lo just released her second album on Friday, but she’s already giving fans a taste of new music.

On Monday the Swedish pop star shared a Lemonade-style short film titled Fairy Dust, which features the first five songs from her new album, Lady Wood, as well as a new song from an upcoming LP.

Lo recently told EW that Lady Wood is the first installment of a double album about chasing all kinds of rushes: Lady Wood’s first half, titled “Fairy Dust,” chronicles the initial hit of adrenaline or attraction; the second half, “Fire Fade” explores what happens when those sparks start to cool. A sequel LP, expected in 2017, will continue the story with two more chapters about climaxes and comedowns: “Light Beams” and “Pitch Black.”

Though the Fairy Dust film focuses on songs from its accompanying chapter, Lo included one new song from the next LP, titled “What I Want for the Night (Bitches),” during the film’s NSFW end-credits scene. “People close to me have a hard time watching it, honestly,” Lo says about the film, which she made with music video director Tim Erem (Rihanna, Major Lazer), who is also her creative director. “I’ve never done anything for shock value. I know this is the closest I’ll ever get to that.”

Lo says the idea for a two-part double album came from the wealth of material she recorded during the tumultuous months that followed her 2014 debut, Queen of the Clouds. “I didn’t want to cram 20 songs together, because I wanted it to feel like one body of work,” she says. She also isn’t a fan of bonus tracks, either, saying “it makes songs disposable.” “I’ll give you something extra: I’ll give you two solid albums, two bodies of work, and it’s going to feel like one story,” Lo says. “I want to make sure what people hear is really thought through by me. This is what I want you to hear and take in.”

For more information on the making of Tove Lo’s Lady Wood, pick up the new issue of EW, on stands now.