No one tell Voldemort about the Upside Down
Credit: Murray Close; Netflix

The annual Hogwarts Halloween Feast will be welcoming a few extra guests this year: the gang from Stranger Things.

In a video titled Potter Things, Mike, Eleven, Lucas, and Dustin pay a visit to the magical school, where they get into trouble with surprise Eggo-lover Snape and rack up some extra firepower on their side in the form of Hermione, who takes on their bullies in Eleven’s place.

“That’s right. You better run!” Dustin exclaims as the brightest witch of her generation stands in the background. “She’s our friend, and she’s crazy!”

Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have mentioned that Harry Potter is one of the inspirations for their Netflix series, as they would like to age the show’s central characters along with the actors, much like the popular franchise did.

Stranger Things has been renewed for a second season, and here’s what you can expect. See the mashup, edited together by Comedy Central UK, above.

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