See Jerry O'Connell mocking Hillary Clinton mocking Donald Trump
Credit: ABC

In the spirit of Halloween, Live With Kelly embraced one of the scariest things around: the presidential election.

Andy Cohen dropped by Monday morning to host First Family Feud, a spoof on the classic game show that featured Ripa as Donald Trump and guest co-host Jerry O’Connell as Hillary Clinton.

Representing the Trump family was Donald, his wife Melania (also played by Ripa, who masterfully nailed the squinting eyes and pouty lip), and daughter Ivanka.

“Hello Anderson,” Ripa began, jokingly mistaking Cohen for CNN anchor Anderson Cooper. When Cohen corrected the error, Ripa quipped back with a Donald-esque “Wrong!”

On the opposite side, Jerry O’Connell did his best Clinton impression, and the family was rounded out by Bill (also played by O’Connell), and daughter Chelsea.

“This is a dream come true: It’s like a Housewives reunion and game show rolled into one,” Cohen joked in the clip, which was framed to air as if it were a commercial previewing a full Feud episode.

After Cohen presented the first category (name the best place in your home to display a picture), O’Connell was quick to buzz in with an enthusiastic “Computer with a private server!” Somehow, this answer was not on the board, and Ripa was able to steal by answering, “A wall.” Perhaps it’s First Family Feud that’s rigged?

Cohen teased that the episode will answer “all the questions you may or may not want answered!” as clips of O’Connell coughing and Ripa sniffling flashed in the background.

Watch the full clip of the show that’s “going to make game shows great again” below.