At EW PopFest, Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis talk Halloween costumes
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Lea Michele has played multiple versions of the same character on Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens — including one where she dressed like Ivanka Trump.

“It was scary!” Michele said of her Trumpian turn on the show’s Halloween episode, which aired earlier this month.

Michele wasn’t the only Scream Queens star to get her Trump on in the episode: Abigail Breslin dressed as Ivana Trump, Ivanka’s mother.

“We need to do some snapping for Abigail Breslin, because she was so effing funny as Ivana Trump,” costar Jamie Lee Curtis said during the Murphy panel at EW PopFest in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“She has patented hysteria and mental illness and good writing in a way that I think has so become signature Abigail Breslin that she may never be able to do anything else again,” Curtis added. “Her hysteria is manic to the point of craziness, and her doing that hysteria in an Ivana Trump mask, who says, ‘Why do you name someone the same name but add a random vowel?’ Brilliant.”

That the cast of Scream Queens is allowed to show such range on the show is not lost on Michele, who has played Hester in a variety of ways over two seasons — including a version similar to Hannibal Lecter for season 2.

“When Ryan told me what this season would be about, he told me it was very a la Silence of the Lambs,” she said. “I love horror films and it is one of my favorites. For a couple of the scenes, we watched the movie and sort of recreated frame-by-frame, which I thought was awesome.”

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