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While a crossover between Downton Abbey and Good Behavior is out of the question, author Blake Crouch sees a lot of similarities between Michelle Dockery‘s characters on the two shows.

“I felt like [Downton Abbey‘s] Lady Mary and [Good Behavior’s] Letty would be friends if they met,” Crouch said during a panel discussion at EW PopFest this weekend. Chad Hodge, executive producer on the TNT adaptation, added, “Sometimes we say that if Lady Mary was alive in 2016, she probably would be Letty — or some fun version of that.”

After her run on Downton Abbey, Dockery began playing Letty Raines, a thief and con artist who becomes entangled in a seductive, dangerous relationship with a hitman for hire.

“When I heard the name Michelle Dockery, I was like, ‘That’s it. That’s Letty,’ because I was a huge Downton fan, I’d seen every episode, and she’s an amazing actor,” Hodge said. “If she can do what she did with Lady Mary, any actor that can do what she did with Lady Mary, could do anything and you have to be be able to do anything to play Letty and willing to go there.”

Watch a clip from the Good Behavior panel at EW PopFest in the video above.

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