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Updated October 29, 2016 at 11:36 PM EDT
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After more than 12 seasons, the stars of Supernatural have done just about everything there is to do on the set of a TV show. But when asked at EW’s PopFest to choose which episode they would like to relive the making of purely for the experience, Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, told our own Samantha Highfill that he’d like to remake “Baby.”

“It was such a unique experience in the filmmaking process,” he said of the season 11 episode. “Not to mention I got to do a reverse 180.”

Notably, the episode, which aired in 2015, was told entirely from the perspective of their Impala, named Baby. When Sam and Dean would get out of the car, the camera wouldn’t follow them. Commended as one of the show’s biggest risks, “Baby” is beloved by fans, which was obvious when the PopFest crowd cheered at Ackles’ answer.

Though Jared Padalecki, a.k.a. Sam Winchester, mentioned “The French Mistake,” “Real Ghostbusters,” “Changing Channels,” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer, he chose the season 1 finale as one he’d like to relive. “It was a really unique experience because with your guys’ support, we’ve been in a cool position. We’re not afraid of getting canceled. Knock on wood. It could still happen but after this long, we’re not living in fear of oh god are they going to fire us? In season 1 it was different. In season 1 it was a weird feeling that we were shooting that episode looking at each other going like this might be it. We don’t know.”

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