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Chelsea Handler told Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time that she would consider voting for a Republican, but Donald Trump is “such a terrible figure in this time” — and her feelings toward his daughter Ivanka Trump are just slightly better.

“I saw her at this Fortune‘s women’s conference last week,” the comedian told Maher. “I was speaking at this Fortune‘s women’s conference where I was interviewing Anita Hill, and I walked backstage and the woman who runs the conference says, ‘Oh, this is Ivanka Trump,’ and I had to go shake [her hand] and I go, ‘I just can’t. I can’t with you.'”

The conversation turned to Ivanka after Maher mentioned reports that Trump’s children haven’t donated money to his campaign.

“I know this is a fantasy, but if she were to come forward now — after everything her father has said and done about women that’s been recorded, that’s been proven time and time again, which he consistently denies — if she were to do that, she’d be an American hero,” Handler continued. “People would go, ‘Holy s–t. Thank you.'”

Watch Handler in the Real Time segment in the video above.

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