As ordained ministers, Bryan Cranston and Benedict Cumberbatch swapped wedding stories while guesting on The Graham Norton Show with Eddie Redmayne this week.

“We’re gonna have a wedding-off now,” Norton joked after Cranston shared his tumultuous experience.

The actor, who recently appeared in The Infiltrator, had a bumpy start. As he explained, a reverend he knew named Bob booked two weddings on the same day. His solution to this slight snafu: make Cranston a minister so he can officiate one of the ceremonies. So, Cranston handled a rather untraditional ceremony, while flying over the Hollywood sign, forcing him to shout to the couple over the sound of the engines.

Cumberbatch’s experience, on the other hand, was less eventful. The Doctor Strange star helped marry Judge Robert Rinder to his partner, but joked to Norton, “I didn’t see any documentation, but I’m sure it’s legitimate.”

Watch the actors chat in the video above.

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