When it comes to foreseeing the future, Back to the Future Part II has had something of a mixed record. For example, self-lacing Nikes are now a reality, but we’re still waiting on those flying cars.

When it comes to this year’s World Series, Cubs fans are certainly hoping that there’s something to the 1989 movie’s prediction that their team would finally end its championship drought in the mid-2010s. In the hours leading up to Friday’s game 3, at least two Chicago fans went all out and dressed up as Marty McFly and Doc in hopes that life would indeed imitate art.

For the uninitiated, BTTF2 depicted the Cubs triumphing over the fictional Miami Gators in the 2015 World Series — an outcome that didn’t quite pan out last year. But for Cubs fans, especially the two captured on social media below, a championship would be better late than never.

Back to the Future Part II
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