By Will Robinson
October 28, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Stanley Tucci is the latest to join Joss Whedon’s Super PAC, and he’d like to tell you a story.

In a new PSA, the actor opens up a giant book for “Stanley’s Story Corner” and reads through the classic fairytale, The Three Little Pigs. Tucci can’t help but give his own commentary on the pigs’ housing decisions: “Why would you do that?” he says of the straw house. “Let’s just say it was misinformed.”

Eventually, the two homeless pigs congregate at the third’s brick house. Instead of allowing the wolf to huff and puff, Tucci’s version involves the third pig stepping out to confront the bully.

“I don’t need a brick house to keep you away. There’s three of us, and there’s more coming. Every animal you ever chased is on its way,” the third pig says. “We don’t run, we don’t hide, you don’t eat. We all took a vote: we feel very strongly about common sense wolf laws. So leave your huffing and your puffing, and maybe think about becoming a vegan.”

Given Whedon’s past video in which he lobs insult upon insult at Republican nominee Donald Trump, the message of Tucci’s fable is clear. But he hammers it home just to make sure.

“If you stay in your house, the house is strong. You got to come out, take a stand, stop the wolf. Vote,” Tucci says. “See, that was all a metaphor, the whole story about the… Pretty subtle right? Is it too subtle?”

See the clip above.