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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Is Charming really going down a dark path of vengeance on Once Upon a Time? — Brett

There’s potential, but OUAT won’t pick up that story immediately. “We know he’s tempted,” EP Edward Kitsis tells me. “It’s not something that’s going to come to the forefront right away. It’s something he is clearly thinking about. I would be really disappointed if we didn’t pick it up and at least find out the answer by the end of the season.” EP Adam Horowitz concurs: “That story is not over. David has made a decision by not burning [the evidence] to pursue it. How he pursues it and when he pursues it, we’ll see as the season progresses. But he’s certainly wrestling with something, and how it impacts inversely in his relationships with Snow and his family is part of the story, as well as the ultimate answer to the mystery.”

Will finding out his girlfriend was the mole push Aram closer to Samar on The Blacklist? — Jannie

Now that Samar is sticking around, it’s very likely! “Aram made such a bad choice,” EP John Eisendrath tells me. “Yes, the fact he made that choice is going to impact his relationship with Samar. In the latter half of the season, the dynamic that Samar and Aram have had, where he has sort of pined for her and she has sort of been romantically indifferent to him, will change.”

When are we finally going to see Kovar on Arrow? — Brindy

Dolph Lundgren will make his first appearance as Kovar in episode 506, and because of his strong performance during his first day on the job, executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells me they extended the actor’s involvement in the show past the originally planned three episodes. “Dolph brings so much presence,” Guggenheim says. “He really holds the screen incredibly well. It’s an enormous amount of fun to see him and Stephen [Amell] in scenes together.” As for the character, Guggenheim says, “Kovar is very much a villain certainly in the Arrow vein, which is to say he’s pretty badass, he’s pretty evil, but he, of course, does not think of himself as such. He thinks of himself as doing the right thing, which, in that sense, makes him very similar to a lot of the villains that we’ve had in the past. What is interesting about Kovar is he has a mix of intelligence and physical presence that we haven’t necessarily seen. He’s physically bigger than a lot of our villains that we’ve had in the past.”

Please give me something Originals. — Hillary

How about some scoop on Hope? “This is a girl who has no real memories of her father, so we’ll be able to see what Hayley has done, if anything, to keep her aware of her father, who he is, and what the truth is about her life,” EP Julie Plec tells me. “We’ll see a young girl and see where she is with her own abilities. We’ll get to see father and daughter eventually reunited, two strangers coming together with so much in common. There’s some really special moments between them.”

How will Wes deal with the Mahoney case twist on How to Get Away with Murder? — Kenta

If it were up to Wes, he’d come clean about everything, as he mulled during Thursday’s episode. But Annalise wants him to stick to the game plan, which won’t be easy. “He basically gets subpoenaed, so he has to go and stand by what he said,” Alfred Enoch says. “It becomes increasingly more complicated because of other stuff that comes out. It becomes a little bit of a tricky situation and a high-stakes moment.”

Anything Chicago Fire? — Russel

Boden will get a blast from his past when his stepson from his second marriage returns. “Jimmy, who we met in season 1, comes back and wants to become a firefighter,” EP Michael Brandt teases, “so that’s something that Boden’s dealing with.”

As Alex’s trial nears, how will that start to divide the hospital on Grey’s Anatomy? — Lucy

If a divide does start to happen, Alex will have at least two of the sisters on his side. “Clearly Amelia is starting to feel really safe with Alex in a way that’s unexpected,” Caterina Scorsone says. “I don’t think she knew she was going to talk to him about her core trauma, and suddenly and unexpectedly he was this safe place for her to say something that she had not been able to say to anyone, including Derek. Now she’s seeing him as this potential safe place. I don’t know how the hospital will be divided, but I imagine Amelia has some pretty affectionate feelings toward Alex right now that he was able to witness her in her darkest moments and in this unique way.”

Since we didn’t see it this week, do you know how Kevin Connolly’s character will interact with Ginny on Pitch? — Shae

In an upcoming episode, Amelia and Oscar work together to deal with a scandal involving Ginny, and Charlie will actually side with his star pitcher. “That’s an episode where you’ll see Charlie back her up in terms of caring about her as more than a commodity on the team and standing behind her and what’s happening in her personal life,” Connolly says. “That was actually a nice scene to play, to see him actually caring about more than how it looks on a white board.”

Anything on Quantico? — Katerina

Remember that warning about “grievous bodily harm”? You can expect to see it in the sixth episode, airing the Sunday after next, EP Josh Safran warns. According to him, it’s “the most gruesome one we’ve ever done… [Writer Beth Schacter and I] had seen it so many times, but we were cringing. It’s intense. In light of The Walking Dead, nothing is intense anymore, but it’s as close to that as we can get.”

It has been a while since you had any Elementary scoop. What gives? — Dina

I was just waiting to share some info on the 100th episode, which finds Sherlock and Watson with differing opinions on how to handle a possible commendation. It turns out, Sherlock has a very specific reason behind why he doesn’t like the idea of receiving credit, and it leads to a rare moment of vulnerability between the partners.

This week in TV: I don’t know who I loved more this week: Danielle Panabaker getting icy on The Flash or Ennis Esmer returning as Rich DotCom on Blindspot. Either way, I love Fall TV!

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Breanne L. Heldman and Shirley Li.

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