A sequel would be totally fetch
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Mean Girls can’t help it that it’s so popular.

The limit does not exist for the number of rumored sequel plans that have been floating around over the years, but Daniel Franzese, who played Damian in the 2004 film, wants the world to know he’s ready and willing to reprise his role. And he’d like to do so now, please.

On Friday, Franzese tweeted out a picture of a news report saying Regina George in sheep’s clothing herself Rachel McAdams would be on board for a sequel, as long as writer-costar Tina Fey returns.

“I can’t even get a pedicure without seeing this!” Franzese tweeted along with the picture. “LOL can we do this already?! It about time Damian got his [shirt] back.”

Franzese tagged his on-screen frenemy, Lindsay Lohan, in the tweet as well. Lohan recently made her own request for a sequel on Oct. 13, when she posted a photo of herself with costars Lacey Chabert and McAdams and captioned it “Miss you all…sequel?”

The idea has been thrown around several times. Back in 2014, EW brought the Plastics back together for a special reunion issue, where Lohan said a sequel would be “really cool.”

“I’d totally be up for that,” McAdams agreed at the time. “Anything that Tina is at the helm of, I’d be into.”

For her part, Fey dismissed the idea, saying it was too late to reboot the beloved high school comedy. She has, however, jumped back into the world of cliquey girls in pink, as she is currently working on turning the movie into a musical with her husband, composer Jeff Richmond.

Here’s to hoping, for a sequel would be so totally grool.

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