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The reign of America on Big Brother: Over the Top continues! America’s nominee has been evicted from the house.

Neeley Jackson, America’s week 4 nominee, went home this week thanks to America’s vote breaking the house tie. During Jackson’s time in the house, she was part of the Late Night Jamboree side of the house, but tried to play a good social game and stay friends with the other side as well.

Here, she tells EW about her time in the house, what she thinks of the sister twist, and who she thinks the next target should be.

If you could go back, what would you do differently?

Wow. If I could go back… I feel like I was playing a really good social game: I was pretty tight with my alliance and I had friends on the other side of the house. I don’t think I could have done anything different except maybe play harder in the veto, but other than that, nah. I think I did the best game knowing what I knew at the time.

You were really trying to bridge this giant divide that was in the house. Why do you think there was/is so much tension there?


Do you think there’s anything moving forward that could make everyone get along?

They’ll have to work together — that’s just the name of the game. That’s why I was already trying to be cool with people because eventually it’ll be just six people and you’ll have to work with someone on the other side of the house. You’ll just have to ensure your own safety in the game. When power shifts every week, if you don’t have a friend on the other side of the house, ultimately you’ll be gone. You need friends on the other side of the house. I think when some of the more polarizing people are gone or just as the numbers dwindle, it will be an inevitably.

It’s interesting with this season how America has so much power. In the house, you guys can see who America doesn’t like — I’m surprised that people aren’t wanting to keep America’s nominees because America is going to vote in the end who wins.

At this point in the game, you’re not thinking that far in advance. You’re just wanting to get the people out that you ain’t feeling [because] you’re not going to work with them, and … if they’re not going to ensure your safety, then they’ve got to go. Then once the numbers come down, then you worry about that in the end. At least that’s what I was thinking — I’m not gonna worry about the fact that Jason is super liked or that Kryssie is liked or … Justin, I just need them right now because those are numbers to keep me in the house. You’re worried about just having the votes to stay, but once it gets down to the wire, then you start plucking those people out as you can. When the house is completely divided and we were a 5-5 split, we weren’t worried about people in my alliance that America likes. Hell, I gotta stay in the house! [Laughs]

Of all the evicted houseguests, you were by far the most shocked to learn about the sisters. Does that change your view of Morgan?

Yes, because at first I was really upset with Morgan. I said over and over she was the only person on the other side of the house that I wanted to work with and felt like I could work with later on down the line. So when they didn’t vote for me to stay in the house over Scott, I was like, “Why is Morgan not playing her own game?” My staying in the house would have helped her game, but now that I know that she has to protect her sister, I understand completely why she made that move. Scott being in the house keeps the firing squad off Alex’s ass. And as soon as Scott leaves, everyone is coming for Alex and then Morgan second. As long as Scott is there, it helps their odds of staying in the house.

So you may have just answered this, but who do you think should be the next target in the house?

If they’re playing smart and not emotional, it still needs to be Alex. We were gunning for Alex until she won America’s Care Package…. Now she can’t win any more care packages. She’s public enemy No. 1, and it’s obvious she is the brains behind that side. And she’s super physical, so they need to gun for her.

With all the drama you had to survive, did you still have fun in the house?

Oh yeah! I totally had fun. There’s only so many people who have had this experience. I stayed in the house almost exactly a month. You’re with these strangers that are farting and burping and gross and nasty and getting on your nerves. But you also have some of the best laughs and the most hilarious moments that you’ll ever have in your entire life. Absolutely, I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

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