Credit: Matthew Simmons/WireImage; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Todd Williamson/Getty Images for Hulu

Twitter announced on Thursday its decision to shut down Vine, the six-second video app that launched in 2013. It hasn’t been made totally clear what lead to the decision, but the company wrote in a post on Medium that the app will be discontinued “in the coming months.”

“Nothing is happening to the apps, website or your Vines today. We value you, your Vines, and are going to do this the right way. You’ll be able to access and download your Vines. We’ll be keeping the website online because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made. You will be notified before we make any changes to the app or website,” the announcement said.

Following the news, Vine stars such as Brittany Furlan, King Bach, and more took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the demise of the app that helped launch their careers. Read some of the tweets below.