Will's grief makes for a good collision of worlds

It’s the Great Upside-Down, Charlie Brown! Or, in Will Byers’ case, the not-so-great Upside Down.

It seems his time spent fighting for his life against the demogorgon has Will grappling with a serious case of anxiety in ‘Merry Christmas Will Byers,’ a Peanuts meets Stranger Things mash-up that puts the fictional Hawkins, Ind. crew in the animated Peanuts universe.

In the video, created by YouTube user OnlyLeigh, Will can’t seem to figure out the cause of his unhappiness, going from friend to friend seeking advice. As to be expected, Eleven, acting as a psychiatrist, doesn’t offer much help, considering she doesn’t speak (although we must say, she’s probably a pretty good listener), and Mike is too busy banging out the Stranger Things theme song on piano to aid in his friend’s confusion.

Eventually, all is well as Will realizes that what truly matters is surrounding yourself with people who love you. How sweet. If only Barb had also had a support group like Will’s, she might have avoided her grim fate (and yes, the video does feature a cameo by the beloved Barb).

Watch the cute clip below.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
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