Even though she can only name one player
Credit: Luca Teuchmann/WireImage; Rich Polk/Getty Images

We’re going to assume Quidditch is J.K. Rowling’s favorite sport of all time, but she may have some interest in another (slightly less magical) sport too: American football.

On Thursday, the Harry Potter author tweeted her support of the Seattle Seahawks, particularly Richard Sherman.

“Did I mention that I’m a Seahawks fan? Well, I am,” she wrote, though she did go on to admit that Richard Sherman is the only player she can name. “(Don’t ask me who plays for them apart from R. Sherman.)”

The tweet comes after the cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks arrived at a press conference on Wednesday dressed as the boy wizard himself. The exuberant athlete was decked out in Gryffindor robes and tie, had perched a pair of circular-framed glasses on his head, and was even wielding a wand. Sherman clearly takes the Halloween holiday seriously.

“This is my first and second [choice],” he told the media of his Harry Potter costume choice, also adding that his 20-month-old son encouraged him to dress up. “When you’re a wizard, like we are out there, sometimes you have to show it to the Muggles out in the world. We got a lot of wizards. My son’s a wizard, Earl Thomas does some magical things … I just went to Harry Potter land; it felt like home.”

Watch Sherman’s magical press conference below.

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