Creator Pete Nowalk, Karla Souza and Alfred Enoch tease what's next
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Everyone is getting some this season on How to Get Away with Murder.

After Bonnie and Frank shared a hot night last week, there was a sexy hookup closer to home this week. Realizing that Meggy (Corbin Reid) could never fit into his world, Wes (Alfred Enoch) broke up with her and later slept with Laurel (Karla Souza). It’s a moment that’s been a long time coming; the two friends have danced around their feelings for each other over the last few seasons.

“The appearance of Meggy has made Laurel see other things that she didn’t see in him,” Souza tells EW, noting that after they sleep together, “the relationship becomes a lot stronger; they become more dependent on each other.”

However, Souza wasn’t initially into the idea of Wes and Laurel hooking up. “Suddenly you get these two people that have known each other for two or three seasons exploring kissing and exploring a different aspect of their relationship,” Souza says. “Initially I was very like, ‘What?’ I was very just not on board with it. But then, of course, the chemistry was always there in a different way, they just expressed it in friendship, so now they’re expressing it in a different manner.”

Don’t expect the rest of the Keating Five to hear about this new turn of events. “They are keeping it a secret, and what’s really nice is that they’re kind of blissful,” executive producer Pete Nowalk says. “They’re in their honeymoon bubble, as we will see.”

“It’s a new thing, they’re just kind of protecting it,” Enoch adds. “It looks like they get what they want. They’ve got a little happy ending. But I guess in the crazy world of How to Get Away with Murder, there’s a lot going on and a lot of unresolved issues.”

Among those unresolved issues for the audience: Could Wes be Laurel’s baby daddy, or does that honor belong to Frank (Charlie Weber)? “We don’t know how pregnant she is in that flash forward,” Nowalk says. “There’s a lot of things we don’t show on the show sometimes, so everything’s up for grabs until we actually do a DNA test, I guess, or we tell you specifically. I won’t lie to you once we tell you.”

For her part, Souza seems to be in the Wes camp. “I think it’s going to be the most good looking baby ever,” she says with a laugh. “I can’t wait to see what Laurel and Wes create. I actually would urge the audience to make those composites. We so want a Wes baby.”

Also, during Thursday’s flash forward, it was revealed that Asher (Matt McGorry) is not under the sheet. Here’s who’s left:


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