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With Caterina Scorsone pregnant in real life, and Amelia and Owen trying to have a baby on Grey’s Anatomy, will Amelia soon be with child?

Though Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) have only been married for two months, the couple is already trying to have kids, but struck out during last week’s episode. Thus, Amelia will be struggling with what that means, especially considering what happened with her previous pregnancy. (If you’ll recall, Amelia gave birth to a baby with no brain on Private Practice — the actress was also pregnant in real life then, too.) What’s next for the doc? EW turned to Scorsone to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You mentioned at TCA that you don’t think Grey’s will be writing in your pregnancy. Why is that? Was that your decision since last time it was written in it was difficult?

CATERINA SCORSONE: Shonda [Rhimes], I think, decided. She was like, “We can give you a break this time!” [Laughs] I think it probably also had to do with just the timing of the Owen and Amelia story. They just got married, they just got through falling in love and getting married, so I think that’s a lot of story to burn through right away. Even just in terms of keeping it fun, I think we wanted to put that down the road a little bit. Although, it has been very challenging for the directors to hide what’s going on under the lab coats.

How will Amelia struggle with not getting pregnant, especially considering what happened with her last pregnancy? Does this make her nervous that history might repeat itself?

Absolutely. I think it’s more unconscious than conscious. She knows as a doctor that that doesn’t necessarily have to happen again, but the body remembers trauma. As much as she wants to be logical about it, and as much as her intention earnestly is to be this perfect wife and mother for Owen, she loves him so much and wants to give him everything he wants in life, her body is rebelling against her and she’s scared. She’s running scared right now in a way that she did not anticipate.

Do you think this might cause her to relapse or do you feel that she’s come too far at this point?

One of the things about addiction is that relapses can happen at any time. It can happen for huge emotional reasons or it could happen because someone gets a case of the f–k-its and thinks, “Oh, I’m doing great, why not have some wine?” It can happen at any time. That’s just something that will always be with Amelia. These emotional stresses or just not working her program can trigger her relapse, so I don’t think she’ll ever feel that she is someone who is strong enough to not relapse. This is definitely a stresser.

Amelia and Owen rushed into tying the knot. How will we start to see that in their marriage?

Definitely the speed with which they got married they did miss a bunch of questions about each other’s traumas. They know a lot, but it takes a lifetime to know someone. There are some deep traumas and fundamental stuff that they haven’t [told each other]. They have faith that they have enough of the stuff that they can love each other despite the traumas and the bruises that they’ve suffered, but now comes the real work of marriage, which is really getting to know each other. These are two people who have a lot of buried stuff to get to know, even in themselves. That’s one of the tricky things, too, is they have to know it about themselves before they share it with the other person, and they have to be comfortable with it with themselves before they can be comfortable about sharing it with the other person. That’s the work.

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