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Ever since the first few minutes of the Westworld series premiere tricked fans into thinking an android character was actually human, they've been waiting for such a move to get pulled again. There are all sorts of theories about who might secretly been birthed by a 3D printer (and, for the record, we don't know either). Of course, it's also possible the entire Westworld backstage team is indeed human and nobody is secretly a replicant after all.

Here are the current theories about Who Is Secretly a Robot. Plus, there's a poll at the bottom where you can weigh in too.

Suspect #1: Bernard Lowe

Why He Might Be a Robot: Like the hosts, Bernard has been given a backstory — in this case, the death of his son. Backstories are used to ground the hosts. Dr. Ford may have created Bernard to help him manage the hosts; possibly modeling him after another programmer who had a soft spot for the androids — the park's doomed co-creator Arnold. At one point Ford says, "I know how that head of yours works." Bernard could be "glitching" in his own way by enabling Dolores to gain consciousness — they even say similar things (such as how their pain is all they have left of their lost loved ones). He also knows about The Maze, something that's only been previously discussed among the hosts and Man in Black.

Why He Isn't a Robot: Bernard had a Skype chat with his wife about the loss of their son. Then again, how difficult would this be for a place like Westworld to fake on his behalf?

Suspect #2: Dr. Robert Ford

Why He Might Be a Robot: As the creator of the park, one theory is that Dr. Ford was once a real human, but then perhaps got ill or was injured and uploaded his consciousness into a replica of himself (maybe Dr. Ford was Arnold). That's one reason he's able to effortlessly control all the other hosts.

Why He Isn't a Robot: Again, since he created the park, Ford had to at least start off as human, so that's a big factor against this. Plus, he's very much against treating hosts humanely, and you wouldn't think a ‘bot would be so harsh to their own kind.

Suspect #3: The Man in Black

Why He Might Be a Robot: The character is loosely inspired by The Gunslinger in the Westworld feature film who was indeed a robot. He's seeking The Maze, something that's seemingly made for hosts. He says he plans to never leave the park this time, just like the hosts.

Why He Isn't a Robot: He's got a life outside the park (as revealed by a couple fanboy guests last week); the hosts weapons don't work on him (the guns can detect host vs. human); and, well, he'd have to be a self-hating robot, for sure.

Suspect #4: Elsie Hughes

Why She Might Be a Robot: She's an expert at repairing the bots. She doesn't carry a weapon in the field (maybe, like Dolores, she's not allowed to?).

Why She Isn't a Robot: Elsie has a real sense of humor — something the hosts don't seem very good at achieving. Plus she's questioned the decisions of her superiors. Basically, we're pretty sure Elsie is not a robot.

Suspect #5: Ashley Stubbs

Why He Might Be a Robot: One could imagine Dr. Ford creating android security guards since its a more straightforward job compared to the tech team. That Stubbs doesn't trust the hosts and is just waiting for them to rebel could be part of his programming.

Why He Isn't a Robot: Would Ford really want a robot in charge of keeping him safe from robots?

Suspect #6: Theresa Cullen

Why She Might Be a Robot: Cullen's experience with the park dates back to when she was a kid. She doesn't particularly like the park, or its guests. There's a couple instances when Bernard and Dr. Ford shut down her protests with what almost sounds like a verbal command, and she obeys it. Bernard also a couple times observes her expressions and habits as if she were a host, which is played for humor — Bernard is obsessed with his work — but what if it's more than that?

Why She Isn't a Robot: She's been presented as somebody who the Westworld corporate office put in place to be their representative on the ground — so she seems to have a life that started outside the park. Plus, if she were a host, Ford could probably control her actions without the tense conversation they had over lunch last week.

Suspect #7: Lee Sizemore

Why He Might Be a Robot: His storylines for the park seem to be pretty formulaic.

Why He Isn't a Robot: He's too much of a jerk to be a robot! Plus, writing is the one profession that's safe from being replaced by artificial intelligence, right? … Um, right?

There's also, of course, our official guests William and Logan, but they don't seem to fit the bill for a bunch of reasons. What do you think? Take the poll below: <iframe height="620" width="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//" class="" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>

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