October 26, 2016 at 01:06 PM EDT

The past year and a half has been steadily populated by an ever-increasing number of Donald Trump headlines and controversies, but even after all this time, the Republican presidential candidate retains his ability to astonish. Stephen Colbert, for one, was bowled over when Trump recently decided to hug an American flag onstage at a campaign event. 

“Donald Trump just groped the American flag,” Colbert said. “I saw this when it happened. I was having a conversation with my wife and had to say ‘shh’ for a second. I had to watch it three times to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke.”

Colbert then pulled up a picture of Trump’s flag hug and had to emphasize that it wasn’t one of his show’s Photoshops; it actually happened. Colbert did use a digitally altered image later in the monologue, though, when it came time to joke about Florida Rep. David Jolly’s attempts to distance himself from Trump. Democrats had apparently tried to edit Jolly into a picture with Trump, and Colbert reprimanded them for not being more original.

“If you’re gonna Photoshop someone, at least make it interesting,” Colbert said. “Make it a three-way with Jolly, Trump, and the American flag.”

Watch the clip below.

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