SiREN began life as a segment of the 2012 anthology horror film V/H/S called “Amateur Night,” but has now gorily blossomed into a full-blown feature, which finds its way to theaters on Dec. 2, and VOD, Digital HD, and DVD on Dec. 6. Directed by Gregg Bishop, the film follows an apprehensive groom-to-be whose bachelor party turns into a nightmare when he frees a seemingly innocent victimized girl locked up in a supernatural sex club. Funny story? She’s actually a dangerous fabled predator who has chosen him as her mate.

SiREN stars Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, the upcoming Beyond the Gates), Justin Welborn, Michael Aaron Milligan, Hayes Mercure, Randy McDowell, and Hannah Fierman.

You can see the exclusive trailer for SiREN, above.