Courtesy of Todd Antony/Hartswood Films 2016 for MASTERPIECE
October 26, 2016 at 06:23 PM EDT

The bad news is that you still have to wait until 2017 for the return of Sherlock.

The good news is that you can see it at the very first possible date once the near year kicks in — season 4 will be released Jan. 1 on PBS Masterpiece.

And yes, our friends across the pond will get Sherlock on the same date. The first episode is titled “The Six Thatchers.”

Once again, the new season will have three episodes. Star Benedict Cumberbatch has recently suggested fans might be waiting quite awhile — possibly forever — for season 5, given his increasingly busy film career (and the schedule of costar Martin Freeman).

The production has also released a new teaser image showing Holmes’ violin with a broken string: 

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