The stars of the new CBS comedy preview the generational differences on their series

In CBS’ new comedy, The Great Indoors, Jack Gordon (Joel McHale) returns from a long adventure to find his magazine taken over by millennials, forcing him to deal with extreme generational differences, which, according to costar Stephen Fry, include knowing what the word “bae” means.

“It’s a millennial versus generation X versus baby boomer comedy in which the generations sort of miss each other,” said Fry when the cast of The Great Indoors sat down with EW to describe the show. The British actor went on to share an instance where the fundamental differences in generations come into play.

“Now, here is an example, you see B-A-E, British American Electrics, it’s a company that has nothing to do… No, I know that this is a kind of word that is used by young people in their transmission of messages back and forth across the electric wires, using things like Instantgram and Twooter and so,” he joked. “And a ‘bae’ is some form of friend I think, and this is the kind of misunderstanding that an older person has of the young world of social media that is at the very heart of The Great Indoors.”


If Fry’s description of “bae” isn’t enough to get viewers to tune in, then Chris Williams’ promise might. “It’s even better than going to see Hamilton on Broadway,” said Williams in jest, while Christopher Mintz-Plasse echoed the sentiment, “It’s way better than Hamilton.”

The Great Indoors premieres on CBS on Thursday at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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— Additional reporting by Robyn Ross

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