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Director Joe Begos knows his horror movies. The filmmaker’s feature debut, 2013’s Almost Human, paid enthusiastic homage to ’80s-era monster tales — particularly John Carpenter’s The Thing — while his follow-up, the just-released on Blu-ray The Mind’s Eye, could best be described as “Scanners-on-meth.”

So, when we asked Begos to name the best film to watch over Halloween, it didn’t come as a huge surprise to discover he actually had a few recommendations up his sleeve.

“I’d recommend Carnage Park, which just came out, by Mickey Keating,” says Begos. “[It’s a] really cool, tense horror movie that I think is really doing something that horror movies aren’t doing right now. It’s [about] a crime, sniper, not told in a linear fashion. There hasn’t been an independent horror movie that’s come out like that in I don’t know how long. I’d really recommend that. It’s got some nice performances in it. It’s nice and short, 80 minutes, which is the best run-time for a horror movie. I just saw The Neon Demon, which I figured everybody and their mother would have seen, but according to the box office apparently nobody went to see it. But that was a goddamned masterpiece. I loved that movie. I really liked The Witch. I really loved Green Room. A lot of people bitch about the state of horror, but there’s actually a lot of cool stuff out there right now. You’ve just got to dig around.”

Carnage Park is available on Blu-ray from Scream Factory on Nov. 1. You can see trailers for that film, The Neon Demon, The Witch, Green Room, and for Begos’ The Mind’s Eye, below.

The Neon Demon
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  • 112 minutes