By Oliver Gettell
October 25, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT
Noam Galai/WireImage

Riffing on Emma Watson’s declaration that she wishes she could vote in the U.S. presidential election, Stephen Colbert likened Republican nominee Donald Trump to a certain fictional wizard who must not be named.

“Emma Watson wrote a note urging Americans to vote,” the Late Show host tweeted Tuesday evening. “She didn’t spend her childhood fighting a dark lord so we could elect one.”

“The Dark Lord” is of course one of the sobriquets of Voldemort, the chief villain of the Harry Potter saga. 

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Watson, the British actress and women’s rights activist who memorably starred in eight Harry Potter movies, had posted a note earlier in the day encouraging American women to vote. “Seventy million women cast ballots versus 60 million men,” she wrote. “Women, your vote could swing this election.”

Watson also made a thinly veiled reference to Trump’s graphic comments and alleged inappropriate behavior toward women. She wrote, “In 2014, I tweeted Desmond Tutu’s quote: ‘Men and boys, we show our manhood by how we treat our women.’ The American men I know and love know this. They know that the way a man treats women can’t be overlooked or brushed aside.”

Colbert isn’t the first person to compare Trump to Voldemort: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, and Daily Show host Trevor Noah have made the connection as well.