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Simon Pegg has fans in high places. The Star Trek Beyond actor and co-writer recently discussed the sci-fi threequel with Kate Rubins, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, and she gave it her stamp of approval.

“I think probably I had the best view because I watched it from our cupola, which is our windows facing the Earth,” Rubins said while bobbing in zero gravity. She added, “Your special effects guys get it right. It absolutely feels like a space station.”

Geeking out over the experience of talking to someone in orbit, Pegg asked Rubins whether she sits or floats when watching a movie.

“When you’re kind of sitting there for a while and you’re watching something, you don’t really want to hold onto something,” she explained. “So you tuck in and hook your feet under something, and that actually is a very comfortable position. That’s our equivalent of sitting.”

Rubins also expressed her wish for a real-life tricorder, while Pegg offered his services should NASA ever require them. “If you need a chief engineer to come and fix your warp core,” he said, “you know where I am.”

Watch Pegg and Rubins’ full chat above.

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