Credit: TBS

One of the most contentious moments in the final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came during their discussion on abortion. Rehashing moderator Chris Wallace’s question about “partial-birth abortions” on her Monday night show, Samantha Bee had an intern bring her a megaphone on stage so she could shout through it, “partial-birth abortions aren’t a thing!”

“Chris Wallace confused partial-birth abortion, which doesn’t exist, with late-term abortion, which does — rarely,” Bee said. “Only 1.3 percent of abortions take place at or after 21 weeks, and guess what? It’s not because women are selfish sluts who wake up in their third trimester and decide, ‘Not into this, I want a procasti-bortion.’ It’s usually because the tests done at that point reveal a fatal birth defect or a serious risk to the mother’s life.”

Bee then focused on Clinton and Trump’s answers to Wallace’s question, which were a study in contrasts. Trump talked about babies getting “ripped from the womb” in the ninth month of pregnancy (which, as Bee noted, would just be a birth), while Clinton vehemently promised to stand up for women’s right of choice against overreaching state governments. Bee was fully behind her.

“Men, if you don’t get why it’s important to have a woman as a major party nominee, check your social media feed,” Bee said. “Actually, log in as your wife. You’ll see that all week women have been sharing deeply personal stories about pregnancies that went wrong. They were buying t-shirts and warming to a passionate, unapologetic feminist we haven’t seen since the ’90s, one who stood in a shower of s—, and managed to do what 16 primary candidates and the entire Republican establishment couldn’t — namely, beat this d—-waving Berlusconi knockoff like a little bitch.”

Watch the clip below.