Credit: Hulu


Prepared to be spooked!

With Halloween around the corner, it only seems appropriate to binge-watch some super scary, jump-out-of-your seat television, right? RIGHT.

Freakish, Hulu’s newest original series, is a 10-episode series that centers around high school students struggling for survival after mutants take over their small town after a chemical plant explosion.

The series, which was originally created by AwesomenessTV, will feature both film and social media stars including Mary Mouser, Chad L. Coleman, Adam Hicks, Aislinn Paul, Leo Howard, Liza Koshy, Tyler Chase and more.

In the first episode, a group of teenagers gather at their high school for Saturday detention, not knowing they are soon going to be trapped inside when the chemical plant near their school explodes. As the students try to come to terms with what is really happening (some are in denial), the group of teenagers find themselves confined to their school with what seems to be their fellow peers … or so they thought.

Fighting for an answer, the teens finally realize that they are not alone — meaning there may or may not be some creepy, hungry zombies/vampires/chemically-enhanced mutants walking around campus.

Watch the first episode above and the second episode below.

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