By Clark Collis
Updated October 24, 2016 at 08:47 PM EDT
Michael Tackett; Warner Bros. Pictures; Courtesy Everett Collection

In director André Øvredal’s new horror film The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch play father-and-son morticians whose attempt to discover the titular character’s cause of death goes terrifyingly awry. The filmmaker says he was attracted to the script —by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing — due to the interplay between the two characters and because “it was so scary. The read itself was really really scary.”

Meticulously constructed and almost entirely set inside, The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a very different kind of film from Øvredal’s previous movie, 2010’s Trollhunter, a found footage horror-fantasy shot on location in the wilds of the filmmaker’s native Norway. The director says this change of direction was inspired by the movie he has also made his recommendation for the perfect Halloween watch: James Wan’s supernatural chiller, The Conjuring.

IFC Midnight is releasing The Autopsy of Jane Doe in select cities and on VOD platforms Dec. 21. See trailers for The Conjuring and for Øvredal’s movie below.